Project VOLTAIRE 2

The scientific activities carried out with the support of VOLTAIRE 2 have all in common the study of volatiles, regarding their source, transport and role(s) within and accross Earth’s outer envelopes (mantle, crust, atmosphere). Three main domains can be defined: fluids (1) in the deep to shallow Earth, (2) across the landsoil-atmosphere interface, and (3) in the atmosphere. In the vast majority of cases, issues are addressed using upgraded or new state of the art tools developed within VOLTAIRE and PLANEX projects.

The scientific issues tackled are at the core of the groups constituting each of the WPs, involve several laboratories of the consortium, and concern areas where international recognition or scientific leadership is largely achieved. Research focuses on the study of fundamental elementary mechanism or integrated processes using laboratory approaches connected to reference objects or natural sites. The ressources implied are of direct concern for the BRGM and INRA research institutions, such as ore deposits or water ressources in general.

The overarching aim is to become a reference institution for the laboratory simulation and field characterisation of key processes involving fluid/gaz transfer and associated ressources in the crust and atmosphere, both allowing predictive models to be developed and the assessment of their economic impact.