VOLTAIRE has directly bought a series of new equipements including very specific mass spectrometers for organic aerosols (HRToF-AMS (Figure 1) and Orbitrap™: WP6-7), N (WP5-6) and Ar isotopes (WP1-2, Figure 2), a Rock Eval for characterisation of organic matter (WP5), a nanofluidic platform (WP3, Figure 3), and an ICPMS-LA for trace element analyses of natural rocks or run-products of hydrothermal experiments (WP2-1).

Figure 1. Strengthening of the instrumental capability of atmospheric simulation chambers to investigate atmospheric oxidation processes. The example shows Limonene ozonolysis in the presence of SO2 using acetate Figaero-HR-ToF-CIMS (Increase in high molecular-weight compounds in the particle phase corresponding to lower volatility compounds partitioning to aerosols).

The purchase of a 2D Hyperspectral Imager (WP6) for field measurements was initially planed yet the renting of such an instrument still in phase of development was prefered instead. VOLTAIRE has also purchased smaller equipments for systematic field campaigns (ie LOAC for aerosols) or for the adaptation of existing major facilities (HELIOS, SPIRITs series) to labex topics.

Figure 2: The Ar/Ar dating platform installed at ISTO. It consists of 3 Thermo Scientific mass spectrometers Helix, each equipped with laser ablation devices, for detailed mapping of ages at the crystal scale


Figure 3: The nanofluidic platform installed at ISTO to simulate fluid transfer in synthetic well controlled porous media at nano to microscales

VOLTAIRE has also obvious tight connections with the Equipex PLANEX (Experimental Planet,, a project led by ISTO (B. Scaillet, coordinator) aimed at building a new generation of HP/HT equipments allowing in-situ measurements (spectroscopic, rheological) of fluids (and encasing material) under extreme P-T conditions. In particular, VOLTAIRE has hired 3 engineers to install part of the equipment (Griggs apparatus, IHPV for sampling of magmatic gas at HP/HT (Figure 4), in-situ X-Ray IHPV) and co-funded several PhD projects using PLANEX equipments already operational.

Figure 4: The gas sampling and analysis line coupled to an internally heated vessel to simulate, inter alia, magma degassing during decompression, installed at ISTO within the framework of the Equipex PLANEX project

Clearly, the component of new instruments which is a specificity of VOLTAIRE endowment (about 25% of the whole budget), has been largely amplified by the co-development of Equipex PLANEX. An inevitable consequence of this aspect is that scientific actions related to new equipment use have to wait instruments installation to be executed. This explains the shift of emphasis in labex activities, whose first half was mostly devoted to observation of natural systems, while during the second part, laboratory work became dominant

Other equipment used by the LABEX Voltaire :

Instruments used by ISTO

Instruments used by LPC2E

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