The governance of VOLTAIRE-2 is identical to that of VOLTAIRE (reshaped to include the new partners), which was based on OSUC (Department of Space, Atmosphere and Earth Sciences of the University of Orléans) structuration, to maintain simplicity and reactivity, as well as the closest possible connection between research and education. The flowchart is given below. The scientific responsible (Director) is Bruno Scaillet, current coordinator of VOLTAIRE and PLANEX.

The three main levels of governance are: (1) the executive committee (Director of VOLTAIRE-2, Director of OSUC, Directors of participating labs) in charge of allocating the budget to actions proposed by, (2), the advisory committees in research and education of VOLTAIRE-2 / OSUC, and (3) the support functions of UOCNRS, BRGM, and INRA for communication and commercial exploitation aspects.

The attainment of research and training objectives, along with their socio-economic implications and out-reach impact, is primarily measured by classical indicators such as the number of scientific papers, the organisation of international workshops, the invitation of VOLTAIRE-2 scientists to international conferences, the number of Master and PhD students coming from abroad, the number of research contracts, the number of ERC, the number of shared projects with industry (including Master/PhD), and the number of patents…